What Would Your Key Be?


Simple Definition of unlock

  1. : to open the lock on (something)
  2. : to find out about (something that was secret or unknown)
  3. : to make (something) available for use
    Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Sometime last year I was introduced to something known as “Giving Keys”.  Some of my friends began wearing keys with words on them.  When I asked what it was about, this is what I found out: the word on the key signifies something in regards to the person wearing it and, at some point in time, the person wearing the key is to pay it forward and give it to someone who they felt the key applied to.  The company was built to help people making the keys get on their feet – there’s actually a cool story behind it but that’s not the purpose of my story.  (You can check it out more online under “Giving Keys’.)

In any case, for Christmas last year, I bought 3 keys for 3 special ladies in my life.  The 1st one I bought was the word ‘Dream’.  This young woman had been through such a trying time and I wanted the key to remind her to dream… to dream that she could have so much more than life had given her to this point in her life; that she didn’t have to settle for crumbs; to dream that God had big things for her and wanted the best for her and her future!  I wanted it to be a reminder that she had value and worth and God had a dream in His heart for her and her life and that she wasn’t a mistake.  Sometimes we need to be reminded it is o.k. to dream and dream big or we listen to the lies that we will never have more or be more.

The 2nd key I bought was ‘Inspire’.  I wanted it to be a reminder to this 2nd gal to be inspired to be all she could be, but also as a reminder that our lives inspire those who are around us.  I wanted her to remember not only to be inspired but to be an inspiration to those in her life who needed the encouragement.

‘Hope’ was the 3rd key.  I bought this for a special young lady to hope for the healing God had promised her when she was born.  To hope that her life was not limited by the disability life had thrown her way but to hope in a God that still heals today!

For the last year, I have mulled over the thought – what would my word be?  Maybe ‘courage’ because so many times I let my shyness or being an introvert take over and fear rules, so I cower and don’t step out.  Maybe it should be ‘bold’ – to remind me to ‘be bold and of good courage’.  Maybe ‘faithful’ – reminding me how faithful God has been in my life and that He would continue to be?  So many words… so many choices!  But, if I got one of these keys, I would have to give it away and that itself would be a whole other set of questions.

In the midst of all this, a friend of mine started creating ‘Identity Keys’.  A key that was meant for you personally, a reminder of your identity.  And so… the search continued, what would be the key I would want?

Then, one day I saw the word ‘unlocked’ and it jumped at me – I knew that was it – that was my word!! In the beginning of this blog I posted the definition.  You see, in my life, through various circumstances: people, places and things – I have locked away parts of myself.  There have been pieces of me hidden and locked because of the fear of man; parts of me only those close know of and even that is limited as to their access.  In certain places, I was so afraid to let my heart be seen because it had been trampled on, shamed, told it wasn’t so… that I had thrown away the key.  Maybe there are areas in your life like that?  Certain places, people, etc. that you wouldn’t dare share your dreams with for fear of them being poo-poo’d – feelings and cares so deeply hidden you couldn’t feel anymore?

So… my word for 2016-2017 is not only a word for me but it is my heart’s prayer for each of you who took the time to read this.  That your ‘identity’ would be ‘unlocked’ in the days, weeks and year ahead.  That (1) you would allow God to be the key to open things that have been locked; (2) that He would reveal the hidden things to you that maybe kept you locked up in fear, shame, guilt, etc.… __________  (you fill in the blank for yourself) and (3) that your life would be so unlocked to be available to be all God wants you to be, right where you are – in your home, in your family, in your work environment, your community!  Wherever you find yourself.  May this be the year of being ‘unlocked’ – not only for me in my life but you too!

So excited to see what your key would be and to hear your stories of things that become unlocked in your life in this coming year – come back and tell me about it!







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