Sam smilesWhat is it that makes your heart smile?  Can you feel it?  Maybe it’s that special someone calling your name? Maybe it’s when you think of your favorite place to be? Maybe it’s when you think of a favorite food or song? It ebbs from the very inner core and radiates from your inner most being and comes through on your face – your heart smiling!

Today is one of those days – my heart smiles as I think about yesterday!  Several blogs ago I wrote about big yellow headphones and tears but today is different and I am thankful!!

There we were in worship – for those of you who may not have been to our type of church before – we have a full out music team – drums, guitars, keyboard and amazing singers! The words in church yesterday during worship were: “I’m gonna sing out loud and let my voice be heard; it’s a song of victory, and it’s ringing in the earth.”  As the song played, my son Sam (who is autistic and not very verbal although he can repeat words) was rejoicing next to me.  This day…. his clap was right on beat…. right in step with the music.  And this day, he sang with such joy.  Face to face we sang- I’d whisper the words to come before they came “I’m gonna sing” and then he’d sing with the church voices “I’m gonna sing”, and so it went – his gaze on mine, looking for the next words and repeating them after me… ‘I’m gonna sing’…(‘I’m gonna sing’)…. ‘out loud’….. (‘out loud’) …. ‘and let my’..(‘and let my’)… ‘voice be heard’….(‘voice be heard’)…. ‘it’s a song’ …  (‘it’s a song’)…. ‘of victory’…(‘of victory’)…. ‘and it’s ringing’….(‘and it’s ringing’)… ‘in the earth’…(‘in the earth’)….  We were oblivious to those around us – just Sam, me and our God in surrender to the prophetic being spoken over his life, what joy!!

Yes, Sam, I believe there is coming a day when you are going to sing – unassisted and unprompted – and your voice will be heard and all those around will know it is a song of victory proclaiming all God has done for you through your silent years…. Until then, we worship on those amazing days when it comes…. And we enjoy a taste of heaven together, hearts smiling! J

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