Hope in Troubled Waters

I came across this writing today from 7/2/14 and it seemed so fitting to share today. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of where we’ve come from and share the hope with others that we don’t need to stay in our past but be moved to our future that is boundless!  I originally called this “Learning … More Hope in Troubled Waters


What is it that makes your heart smile?  Can you feel it?  Maybe it’s that special someone calling your name? Maybe it’s when you think of your favorite place to be? Maybe it’s when you think of a favorite food or song? It ebbs from the very inner core and radiates from your inner most … More MY HEART SMILES


So I was recently asking God what to write about because I was stuck.  In the busy-ness of life, I haven’t made time to sit and write.  In any case, I think I heard Him as I sat in church this morning.   You see, lately, it seems like it’s been a time of true … More TRUE CONFESSIONS

About Me

Hi There!  So glad you came to check out my page.  To those of you who may not know me – my name is Sheila Bouchard.  I currently live in Connecticut.  I am a passionate lover of Jesus & my identity is in HIM! I am also a wife to Dan; mother to Jessica, Richard, Rebecca & … More About Me