Boy are you in cold water! … and other cool things

Following are a couple of excerpts from my upcoming book from some amazing happenings back in ‘85’ – experiencing God’s provision supernaturally natural:

claw tubBesides the natural, I also experienced the supernatural, like those things you might say are crazy if you had never walked it through yourself!  For example, at one point in the next year or so my gas had been turned off, meaning I had no stove to cook on (as it was gas) and no hot water.  Now to fully comprehend this, you have to picture this:  I have no vehicle, very limited resources, no washing machine, no dryer, and two little ones.  Something had occurred and I needed to do a load of whites by hand.  In any case, I had washed them in the tub and was preparing to rinse the load and thought, ‘I really need hot water to rinse these in.’  The next thought/prayer was “Lord, could you at least give me warm water to rinse these in?”  Now remember, my gas is out which meant no hot water.  In any case, I turned the tub faucet on to rinse these clothes and guess what?  The water was warm!  I got so excited and in disbelief, I ran to the other two faucets and ran the water and it was freezing cold.  Then I caught myself and said “What am I doing? Lord, help my unbelief” and I finished rinsing my load in the warm water God provided.  Wow!  He does answer prayer!

coffee canNot only did He provide water but coffee too, can you imagine that?  With funds being low, the main things I got were things the kids needed and things to keep the house running.  Well, I had run out of coffee and really wanted some but there were no funds.  In any case, it was midweek and one of my friends offered to come get the kids and myself for a midweek service.  When we got to the church, someone approached me and said, “You were on my heart today and I felt God wanted me to bring you ‘this’”, and with ‘this’, she handed me two bags of groceries.  Imagine what was right on top?  A can of coffee!! Something so simple but yet a hug from God that said, “I know what you have need of”.

Time and again He met our needs.  I remember my 2 1/2 year old son had grown out of his sneakers and I didn’t know how I would get him another pair.  That day at work one of my coworker friends said, ‘I have something for you!  I bought my nephew sneakers and they didn’t fit him.’  Not only were they Rich’s size now, but she had bought two pairs – one for now and the next size too!  God knows the hairs on our head, how much more the needs in our life!

One of my favorite verses is Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”  As you seek God above all else, He fills those ‘needs’ in our lives.  (Now notice I didn’t say ‘wants’ – there are a lot of ‘wants’ in life but many of them we can live without.  Although God does love us so much, He sometimes surprises us with those too – like my coffee! Ha-ha)

Remember, if He’s done it for me, He can do it for you too!  Love ya!


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