img009 (2)So, here’s a fun story I decided to share just because, just because maybe someone out there needs to hear it. Or maybe you know someone who needs to hear it!  Recently I recalled some stories from my single parent days that I was reminded of and my stepdaughter said, ‘why don’t you tell them the ‘car’ story?’ The fun part of this story is it had a part 2 just recently so… maybe I will….  Come take a ride with me!

It was the mid-1980’s and I had been a single mom with 2 little ones for about two years.  Because I didn’t have a vehicle, I was at the mercy of others to bring me places.  There was my father-in-law and stepfather who would take turns faithfully picking me up at 5 a.m. to drop my kids off at the sitter to be at work for 6 a.m.  – to return eight hours later to do the reverse all over.  There was my mom who would pick me up to do laundry or grocery shop.  There were some of my faithful friends who picked me up to ‘get out’ whether it was to the park with the kids or to just hang at their place, there was the older couple who lived across town who went  way out of their way to pick us up to go to church, just to name a few.  I was living on meager pay, trying to make ends meet which included rent, utilities, sitter fees, groceries – with maybe a few dollars to spare weekly. Somehow, I still managed to tuck away a ‘little’ every month.  Here it was, I had finally saved $400.00 – don’t laugh, well o.k. laugh, because it does sound pretty funny- hahaha!!  That $400.00 was like a million to me, considering what I was living on.  My prayer at the time was, ‘Lord, this is all I have and somehow I need a miracle!  The kids and I need to have our own means to get around, without constantly needing to depend on people’.  Now I have to be honest, the fact that I needed to ask for help with rides, besides being very humbling, probably kept me from totally losing it.  I imagine I probably would have suffered deep depression and become a hermit if I didn’t need to reach out in that time of need.  But, now I was on my way to getting my life together, realizing it was going to be me and my two babies (they were almost 3 and 5ish). I needed to find a car of my own that I could afford so I put it out there: “Lord, it would be great if you could find me a car, with insurance and registration for this amount of money”, fat chance, right?  Well, I put it out there.  I read that if you ask, you would receive, it was worth a prayer!

So… my search began.  I looked at a couple duds and wasn’t too sure things would come together.  Then, I saw this one advertisement that almost looked too good to be true – it was a car owned by a single owner.  It was a young girl who owned the car and her parents had helped her keep it up.  She had graduated, gotten a better job and was buying herself a new car. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the car she was selling but it was older.  The price was $250.00.  Hmmm… sounded too good to be true right?!  Well, I made the call and when the girl told me her name, my mouth fell open on the other end of the phone.  I proceeded to say: “What did you say your name was? So-and-so?  Are you the same so-and-so from Pulaski High School that was in my flute section?”.  Yes, yes it was!  We caught up on the last couple years of life since high school and I told her I was interested in coming to see the car.  It was a gem!!  A little blue wagon, perfect for me and the two kiddos with plenty of room in the back for all the things you need with little ones!  In the next few days, I called to insure it and register it and I was left with couple dollars of the money I had saved!  If I hadn’t witnessed it, I’m not sure I would’ve believed it.  When all was said and done, I had an amazing reliable car, who would have ever imagined??  Thank you LORD!

Fast forward to the fall of 2014…  In November of that year, my stepdaughter and my then 7-year-old autistic grandson came to live with us.  She had gone through some tough times and was going through a divorce.  If that wasn’t all bad enough, her car died on her shortly after coming to stay with us.  The roles had reversed and here I was, the one driving her and our grandson around to the places she needed to go to, trying to help her get back on her feet.  It was on one of those said rides that she and I were chatting; we had just gone to see a car listed for $500 which was a total piece of junk and I was recalling the story of my $250/car miracle.  It hadn’t even been a half hour since I retold that story that my husband calls on my cell phone with a proposition.  It just so happened that he had just been talking to one of the fellows that he worked with who was looking for a car for his wife.  My husband asked him what he was going to do with his old car, as he knew that it was a fairly reliable car that the owner had kept up.  As it turned out in their conversation, the guy said he would give it to my stepdaughter for $200.00.  What???!!?? Yup – that’s what he said, $200.00 and the price was right!  With that price, she too was able to get insurance and register it in her name to help rebuild her life.  That vehicle lasted about a year, until she was able to get a little more settled and was able to get something better for her and her son.  We still chuckle about that day, sitting in the Aldi’s parking lot, retelling my ‘car’ story as God was giving her her own ‘miracle car story’ all these years later.  To God be the glory!

Thanks for taking a drive with me!  The power of a testimony can’t be explained but was meant to be shared, you might be surprised!  Always remember, nothing is impossible!  Love ya and keep believing!




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